viastore values

Our thinking and acting focuses primarily on our customers’ benefit

To fulfill our customers’ needs, we offer solutions and services providing the highest benefit and a quick return on investment. We innovate with only our customers’ benefit in mind. We actively assist our customers over the entirelifetime of their systems and installations. That’s what we understand by lifetime partnership.

We are an international company

We support our customers on all their markets, offering high quality consistently. We respect the culture of our partners and the specialties of their markets and adjust ourselves accordingly. We are prepared to learn from the local solutions and adopt them on a global level.

We act in an economically sustainable way

Our mediumsized, familyowned enterprise stands for financial stability and independence. Longterm success is more important than shortterm profit. Our target is solid growth – without taking unnecessary risks. Profits are reinvested in the company.

We are a reliable partner

We are an engineering company with 120 years of tradition and experience. We are a sustainable and reliable partner for our customers and employees. We focus exclusively on our core competencies, which we advance every day. We deliver the highest quality. We never make the same mistake twice. We stand to our word. We communicate frankly and clearly.

We embrace our responsibilities

The safety of our customers, employees and partners has the highest priority. We interact with one another in a respectful way. We set a high value on the education and training of young professionals. For that purpose, we provide support to schools and colleges. We are committed to our industry’s success. We support those who are socially disadvantaged. We deal with natural resources in a responsible way.

We think and act together – across countries and locations