Advantages of viarobot

  • Universally applicable: viarobot adjusts to all structures of the building
  • Automation in the manual rack: Simply use the already existing manual rack system
  • React quickly and easily to fluctuations in demand: Due to smart and intelligent software, you can add additional robots at any time, thus compensating for fluctuations in demand.
  • 100% delivery capacity and availability due to the redundancy of the robots
  • Flexibility concerning the operation mode: Automatic or manual
  • Control of the system and of the picking process via the premium software viadat
viarobot is flexible and adapts to your existing storage and building structures.

The advantages over manual warehouses

  • An increase in the storage capacity of up to 40%
  • An increase in throughput of up to 20%
  • Error reduction in the picking process
  • Maximum process reliability
  • Integrated track & trace
  • No illumination or heating required
viarobot: higher lever utilization of manual warehouses
See viarobot live in action