viadat 9.0 and MES HYDRA from MPDV

  • Control and monitoring of material flow in warehouse and production
  • Inventory control for short-term production requirements
  • Management of minimum storage times as well as best-before and expiry dates
  • Visualization of material buffers in between operations
  • Control and management of production orders
  • Calculation of range of materials, intermediate products and semi-finished products
  • Control of eKanban and transports
  • Order-based assessment of transport requirements for the next shift
  • Change scenarios for 2- versus 3-shift production are coordinated using the WMS
viadat 9.0 and MES HYDRA from MPDV

  • Precise forecast of expected buffer stock development
  • Automatically updated ONLINE monitoring of production equipment
  • Needs-based provision logistics for residual requirements per order
  • Trend as well as limit alarm values that can trigger workflows in the WMS
  • Event-controlled alternative transport sequences
  • Variable transport units per operation
  • Expiry date as a trigger for transport
  • Complete batch traceability