viastore SAP Hänel Vertical Lift Integration Deployment Accelerator

viastore deployment accelerator for direct vertical lift integration enables our valued customers and partners achieve a high efficiency and throughput in their operation, thus reducing their TCO. The deployment accelerator package consists of two major solution components:

  • Interface SAP EWM or SAP LES to Hänel Vertical Lifts without any 3rd party middleware in between. The standard SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) leverages the travel command for the lift movements and the standard HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) enables processing of the warehouse process execution dialogues directly from the Hänel controller browser.
  • Streamlined core warehouse processes like put-away, picking, inventory adjustment, stock inquiries, warehouse activity monitor, etc.

Our best practice integration has a proven track record of providing the following competitive benefits and values to our clients:

  • High data quality and process assurance via system-driven warehouse operation execution & data verification guaranteed
  • Full integration of inventory management and order fulfillment from in a single system (SAP)
  • No redundant data entry and management
  • Low complexity of IT infrastructure and TCO
  • Scalable – easy addition of warehouses or lifts ensured
  • Efficient use of warehouse resources