Food and beverages

Requirements in the food processing industry are high: It is vital to respond optimally and flexibly to the needs of wholesalers, the catering sector and consumers. Sensitive and perishable goods must be rapidly and reliably moved to where they are needed in varying quantities. This requires a high degree of efficiency and understanding of processes – especially in intralogistics.

The viastore solution

To help you meet these requirements when storing foodstuffs, viastore can supply energy-efficient and process-secure automatic cold and frozen storage systems. All processes are controlled using the viadat warehouse management system and performed by means of automatic warehouse and conveyor system technology. The warehouse software also manages batch and serial numbers as well as various food expiry dates. In addition, it regulates the processes for products that respond to consumer intolerances, such as gluten, lactose or fructose, and ensures that the picking of orders is carried out according to FIFO or FEFO principles. This allows the tracking and tracing of each item all along the supply chain. Optimal inventory transparency is guaranteed even if there is a wide range of products to be managed.


Cold storage AS/RS Americold

Upgraded cold storage AS/RS Boosts Productivity & Labor Efficiency

  • Increased labor efficiency by 25%
  • Case picking reduced by 50%
  • Increased safety
  • Flexibility to respond to customer needs
Kolln WMS Case Study

SAP EWM Ensures Greater Customer Satisfaction

Kolln Case Study

  • Warehouse integrated with SAP
  • SAP EWM manages inventories
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Immediate access to data
  • Process efficiency significantly increased
New production center and cold and frozen storage warehouse increase competitiveness

New production center and cold and frozen storage warehouse increase competitiveness

Customer Success Casa Tarradellas

  • Optimal cooling due to uninterrupted process chain
  • High availability of goods guarantees fast delivery
  • Increased competitiveness
    Automatic storage system reduces costs

    Automatic storage system reduces costs

    Customer Success LSDH

    • Connection of high-bay warehouse directly to production line
    • Necessary flexibility for intermediate product storage
    • Seasonal fluctuations can be compensated for
      New system ensures improved order processing

      New system ensures improved order processing

      Customer Success Excel Beef

      • Real-time tracking of cartons
      • Precise control of inventory
      • Fast and efficient order processing
      More energy efficiency in frozen storage warehouse

      More energy efficiency in frozen storage warehouse

      Customer Success Myronivsky

      • Interconnection of processing, storage and shipment of foodstuffs
      • Uninterrupted cold chain
      • Optimal usage of space
      • Reduced burden on employees
      Inventory transparency increased, logistics costs reduced

      Inventory transparency increased, logistics costs reduced

      Customer Success Krüger

      • Centralization of logistics functions
      • More efficiency, flexibility and EU conformity
      • Elimination of off-premises warehouses reduces traffic load

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