Health Science

Intralogistics solutions for medical technology, pharmaceuticals and life science

Healthcare areas such as medical technologypharmaceuticals and life science require extremely stable and above all transparent processes. In addition, rapid and error-free deliveries to customers are also of the utmost importance, as delays or errors can have serious consequences. The demographic change is another challenge, since it triggers enormous growth and an ever-growing spectrum of products.

In order to meet the high requirements of the healthcare sector, viastore offers you a broad product portfolio that can be adapted to your individual needs. For example, our warehouse management software viadat complies with the strictest certifications and validations such as IFS and GAMP, and independently manages batch and serial numbers as well as expiry dates. The temperature-controlled storage systems of viastore are designed for temperatures down to ‑42°C and are suitable, among other things, for the storage of blood plasma. In addition, our technology ensures the proper storage of hazardous and sterile goods.

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