Automated unit-load system increases product availability at Kaufland

Full shelves at low costs


viastore Kaufland warehouse and distribution center expansion
viastore is expanding Kaufland’s warehouse and distribution center in Ilava, Slovakia, with a seven-aisle automated unit-load system.

Retail chain Kaufland has commissioned viastore to expand its warehouse and distribution center in Ilava, Slovakia. There, the company stocks food and non-food items from various suppliers for daily deliveries to all its stores in Slovakia. viastore is providing and installing an automated double-deep unit-load system designed to increase the availability of goods. The rack-supported structure will offer space for up to 26,800 pallets and seven viapal automated storage/retrieval systems (AS/RS) will ensure optimum storage, retrieval and relocation processes. "The AS/RS are equipped with sensors that capture the machine status. Thanks to this condition monitoring feature, we can detect and eliminate signs of wear very early on, which helps to achieve high levels of efficiency and reliability," explains viastore Project Manager Wolfgang König.

Over the years, viastore has built numerous warehouses for Kaufland, for example in Germany, Poland and Romania. "viastore makes sure that pallets can be stored compactly, while enabling quick storage and retrieval at the same time," says Kaufland Project Manager Tobias Thalheimer, clearly delighted. Completion is scheduled for late 2019.

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