SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) is a software solution that has been specifically developed for use in warehouse logistics. It is part of the SAP Supply Chain Management Suite. The modular high-performance standard software system can be used independently for warehouse management and warehouse control processes and functions. This means we offer you a future-oriented, scalable solution for your logistics. You benefit from the following advantages and features:

SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management)

EWM Completes the SAP Portfolio in the Logistics Sector

  • A component of the SAP Supply Chain Management Suite
  • SAP intralogistics solution

    • For processes and functions of warehouse management and warehouse control
    • Specially developed, independently usable, with a modular design

  • Highly flexible design of many warehouse processes in the standard due to the generic system approach
  • Further development of intralogistics processes and functions in standard release cycles
  • Support via an individual release plan
  • Two possible ways of implementation

    • Decentralized on SAP SCM
    • As a plug-in for SAP ERP

SAP EWM is the Right Solution for Complex Intralogistics Systems

Particularly suitable for companies with

  • A high throughput in intralogistics
  • A high level of automation
  • Complex strategies
  • The demand for a standardized comprehensive control

SAP EWM Permits Flexibility, Cost Reduction, Transparency and Maximum Performance

  • A high degree of functionality in the standard
  • Service promise concerning the future scope of functions
  • High warehouse productivity
  • High accuracy of inventories
  • Physical inventory of a material known at any time
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