Automatic Order Picking

Automatic picking is ideal for products with high access rates, and must be fast, reliable and error-free. As an expert for innovative intralogistics, viastore offers a variety of solutions. 

Fully automatic picking systems and robotics solutions

As an expert in innovative intralogistics, viastore offers you fully automatic picking systems and robotics solutions, including options for automatic palletizing and de-palletizing as well as container stacking and de-stacking. These can be optimally integrated into your material flow. The automatic picking solutions are not only extremely powerful, they also relieve your staff of heavy physical work and monotonous and tiring activities.

Our fully automated viapick system places products into the order container or shipping carton (Pick'n'Pack) - if necessary around the clock, continuously.  viastore is also the right partner when it comes to integrating an automatic container stacking, de-stacking or palletizing function in your storage system. 

Fully automated viapick order picking system Sberbank

Fully-automatic picking system viapick

Take advantage of the numerous benefits offered by viastore's robot-based intralogistics. Increase the productivity and quality of your logistics with fully automated picking and open up a whole new dimension of delivery performance.

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