Sortation Systems

Automated sortation systems from viastore help reduce labor costs, injuries, and the time to consolidate and ship orders for manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers. Our experienced engineers help you design a sortation system that reduces your cost of goods shipped. Our sortation systems can help you reduce the costs associated with receiving, order fulfillment (picking and packing), route delivery, palletizing, and shipping by increasing your current throughput and order accuracy.

With our integration expertise, we expand our customers’ cost savings by designing systems that increase profitability and incorporate sub-systems such as label print and apply, parcel manifesting, and order packing automation. viastore offers solutions to improve your operation and reduce your costs.

  • Conveyor Sortation System
  • Air Assisted Sortation
  • Pop Up Wheel Sorter
  • Sliding Shoe Sorter
  • Narrow Belt Sortation

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