Intralogistics Training

In our individual intralogistics training sessions, you will learn how to optimally use viastore storage systems and software solutions. As an intralogistics full-service provider, we not only supply you with efficient, customized technologies, we also make sure that you can handle them perfectly. Our competent and specially trained staff supports your employees in personal training units - during the start-up phase, as well as during operation, maintenance and servicing of your system.

Targeted training of your employees helps you to significantly improve in-house workflows and analyze and rectify minor faults if need be. The training sessions are tailored to the specific requirements of your company. Individual steps are taught in a logical and comprehensible manner, and your employees are ideally prepared for practical operation.

Intralogistics training sessions from viastore

In these intralogistics training sessions, viastore experts will show you the most crucial points related to your intralogistics system so that you can get the most out of it. Another advantage is that all seminars and exercises are held in your native language as a matter of course.

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