Expansion of Storage Systems

When your business is growing, the warehouse needs to keep up with the development. There are many possibilities for expanding storage systems: They range from the extension of racking aisles to the connection of additional aisles and the installation of new or additional conveyor system extensions, robotics elements or picking stations. As an intralogistics expert, viastore has many years of experience and comprehensive expertise in reconstruction, modernization and retrofitting projects. The expansion of warehouses ensures higher output as well as increased volume and throughput rates. Our experts optimize and modernize not only logistic systems from viastore, but also the warehouse logistics of third-party providers.

We set up the systems and then put them into service outside your production times. This allows you to continue your work uninterrupted and without restrictions. In the start-up phase, we train your employees and are there for you whenever you need help later. Your intralogistics system is accordingly well-prepared for future challenges.

Expansion of intralogistics systems

In order to show you the full optimization potential in conjunction with your warehouse expansion, our specialists will thoroughly analyze your intralogistics and create a concept with you based on the results. This concept is exactly matched to your goals and needs.

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