Automated Carton Warehouses

In an automated carton warehouse, goods are usually stored in the very cartons in which the they have been delivered. Suitable carton characteristics provided, this eliminates the need for repacking, which saves a significant amount of time. The transport of the goods to the carton warehouse is handled using a conveyor system and shuttles or AS/RS. viastore provides customized turnkey carton warehouse solutions to meet any demand and enable the efficient storage of products in cartons. A variety of load handling devices ensure the gentle handling of different carton sizes.

Our shuttle systems or the dynamic viaspeed AS/RS guarantee smooth and efficient material flow and the highest possible throughput in automated carton warehouses. The viadat warehouse management system (WMS), as well as our SAP EMS and SAP EWM on HANA solutions can manage, monitor and control all processes in the warehouse. This will help you leverage optimization potential and minimize the error rate.

Carton warehouse Excel Beef

Automated carton warehouses in combination with our innovative viadat warehouse software, and our SAP-based intralogistics solutions allow for high storage density and short access times, as well as easy scalability.

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