Shorter throughput times due to elimination of external warehouses

Consolidated distribution center ensures faster fruit gummy supplies to customers worldwide


viastore supplies and installs a turnkey intralogistics facility for Vidal Golosinas, the core of the company’s new international logistics center in Murcia, Spain.

Vidal Golosinas, headquartered in the Murcia region of southeast Spain, is a leading international producer of confectionery products such as fruit gummies and licorice, which are exported to over 80 countries around the world. The company ships its goods abroad by container and delivers them to wholesalers and retailers in Spain. Customers also include smaller buyers such as cinemas. Vidal’s ongoing growth has led to changes in supply chain requirements. Confined space conditions necessitated a number of external warehouses. There was also a problem with excessively long throughput times. For this reason, the confectionery producer decided to consolidate its four logistics locations into one new, consolidated distribution center near its head office.

viastore’s local business unit in Spain is currently in the process of supplying and installing a turnkey intralogistics facility. The core of the system is a rack-supported high-bay pallet warehouse. This section accommodates the products that get shipped to retailers on pallets. In addition, it supplies the automated mini-load system (MLS), which is also being implemented by viastore. A robot unstacks the pallets. From the MLS, Vidal supplies smaller customers quickly and efficiently. Four viapal automated storage/retrieval systems (AS/RS) and two viaspeed XL are used for automating the warehouse processes, thus keeping costs down and increasing flexibility. The confectionery is transported to the picking stations via a conveyor line. The storage system is controlled and managed using the viadat WMS. Offering more than 2,500 logistics functions as standard, this viastore software is implemented quickly, fully scalable with regard to functions and performance, and intuitive to use. “Our solution provides space for an additional 16,500 pallets as well as 3,300 containers and cartons. This will allow Vidal to supply its worldwide customers even faster than before,” says Oscar Rodriguez, project manager at viastore Spain.

The new logistics center significantly increases Vidal’s storage capacities and ensures even faster supplies to customers.