viadat warehouse management software ALERT App

viadatALERT informs you about the events in your automated warehouse at any time

Do you know what's going on in your warehouse right now?

With viadatALERT you receive messages about the processes in your automated logistics center as push notifications directly to your smartphone or tablet. You also have the option to display detailed information about each message. The app relieves you and your employees becayse you no longer have to search for the events yourself.

For all viadat 6 users:

  • Receive push messages about current events in your automated warehouse directly on your smartphone or tablet
  • Display a descriptive text with solution notes for each message
  • Self-configure in viadat 9 which messages you want to receive
  • Let the push messages be sent to user groups: Maintenance needs different information than the control center

The push message is clearly structured:

  1. Category icon (maintenance, error, load unit ...)
  2. Object concerned (SRM, loading unit, etc.)
  3. Brief description
  4. Message number
  5. Date and time


You intuitively swipe what you want to do with the news:

  • Keep as active
  • Archive if you want to discuss the message with your team later or if you want to do an analysis
  • Delete completely

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So that you can detect faults before they occur.

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