Retrofits, modernizations and upgrades to your automated system

Improve reliability, uptime and customer satisfaction

  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Optimized processes
  • Reduced downtime, risks, logistics costs, energy costs and human errors
  • Increased efficiency, uptime, order processing, throughput and quality
  • Spare parts availability

Business models change. To remain competitive, logistics facilities and processes must be adapted to the new demands of the business. With a retrofit, your intralogistics process will remain up to date via hardware and/or software upgrades and services to keep your system running optimally.

If your system has been in use for a long time, maintenance or service measures are often no longer sufficient. Parts on the equipment may be obsolete, software may no longer be supported, and information is not readily available - all of which puts you at risk. The first step for modernizing your system is a comprehensive analysis of the current condition. Based on this, we collaboratively define goals, identify potentials for optimization and create a concept tailored to your individual requirements. The focus is on the optimal interaction of the old with the new. Scheduling of the work required for the upgrade will be planned to have minimal disruption to your business.

Modernize your system with viastore

So your intralogistics are always up to date
Initial situation

Is your system continuously running?
Are mechanical wear and tear, and outdated technologies noticeable in your system? Is the availability of your system decreasing while the energy consumption increases? Because: If your intralogistics system is getting old, maintenance and repair are often no longer sufficient - unplanned downtime threatens, spare parts costs increase. We support you from the beginning and keep your intralogistics system "Forever Young".
Actual analysis

We leave nothing to chance
The first step in modernizing the warehouse is a comprehensive analysis of the current status. We define goals, show optimization potential and create a concept tailored to your requirements - because large and complex measures are not always required. The focus is on the economic interaction of new and old.

Together we design the right path
Based on the actual analysis and taking into account cost-effectiveness and safety, we will work with you to create a roadmap. In this roadmap, we record in detail which work will be carried out by whom and when. This way you will know when the modernization will begin, how long it will take, and when you can resume operations.

Standardize procedure
Now the actual modernization begins. The retrofit is carried out by our experienced project managers and technicians, who ensure that everything runs smoothly and is implemented consistently. The changeover to the new system is carried out according to your operational needs: whether over the weekend or even during ongoing operations - without interfering with the daily work processes.
The Effect

The modernized system
Timely modernization of your intralogistics systems helps you to remain competitive. You benefit not only from higher availability, but also from greater throughput and lower maintenance and energy costs. Sudden downtimes are avoided and the service life of the system is extended. You also ensure the availability of spare parts.

Future-proof your automated system

As systems age, the availability and reliability of the system decreases while maintenance costs increase. In addition, some spare parts are difficult to find or no longer available. The result: unplanned downtime, delivery failures, frustrated customers and uncontrollable costs.

Timely modernization of your intralogistics system will help you remain competitive. You benefit from improved availability, greater throughput, and lower maintenance and energy costs. Unplanned downtimes are avoided and the service life of the system is extended.

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