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Integrated solutions for satisfied customers


Intralogistics expert viastore is continuing along its successful course. The international group of companies headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany is highly satisfied with the 2018 business year and anticipates further positive developments for 2019, as CEO Philipp Hahn-Woernle announced at the annual press event in Stuttgart at the end of November. viastore is reporting record order intake. “Our growth is consistently higher than the market average,” Philipp Hahn-Woernle summed up.

In 2018, viastore SYSTEMS implemented solutions for the manufacturing industry in particular. “It is only through an optimum interplay between systems and software that intralogistics can become a key factor in value creation,” explained COO Detlef Ganz. With its holistic technologies, the company helps customers to achieve further growth. “At Tucker, a manufacturer of fastening technology, we integrated driverless transport systems that offer a flexible way of connecting the various areas and processes in the warehouse,” the expert added. Another satisfied customer is the Kaufland retail chain for whom viastore expanded a warehouse and distribution center in Ilava, Slovakia to include an automated high-bay pallet warehouse, thus ensuring greater product availability and efficiency. “We are also creating competitive advantages for our customers by modernizing existing facilities, as is evident at KTR, for example,” said Detlef Ganz. By performing a retrofit during ongoing operations with virtually no downtime, viastore ensured the company’s ability to deliver and thus the future viability of the drive technology manufacturer.

Innovative planning tools ensure high quality

viastore plans its new installations with the help of virtual and augmented reality tools. This allows, for example, material flows to be checked, workflows optimized and weak points identified at an early stage, which increases the quality and efficiency in system implementation, reduces risks and enables particularly needs-based designs.

“Our cooperation with prismat is going really well too,” emphasized Detlef Ganz, addressing another topic. In 2017, viastore SYSTEMS entered into a close strategic partnership with the SAP logistics expert, which made the two companies a major SAP premium general contractor in intralogistics. “We have already tackled more than 50 projects together,” added Detlef Ganz. At the press event, prismat offered a comprehensive look into its SAP innovation treasure chest.

viadat paves the way to the digital future

viastore also disclosed the latest news on its software company and the viadat warehouse management system. This software maps all intralogistics processes and connects the processes along the entire in-house value chain. “In addition, we overcome traditional boundaries between logistics and production by effectively integrating the units and their material flows using WMS and MES,” explained COO Dr. Harald Göbel. Another advantage of viadat is its intuitive usability. The WMS features a self-explanatory user interface that allows staff to work ergonomically at different locations along the material flow. The dialogs and buttons are similarly structured and guide the employees through the processes; everything can be operated by touch.

In 2017, viastore SOFTWARE started its viadat 9 pilot project at Symbiolog, a service provider for manufacturers in the sanitary installations, heating and air conditioning industry. Installed in Symbiolog’s new logistics center, the WMS allows for the efficient storage, picking and consolidation of a wide variety of goods. “Since then we have already implemented more than 40 projects worldwide,” said Markus Müllerschön, Vice President Sales at viastore SOFTWARE, clearly pleased. One example is the new automated mini-load system of connection components manufacturer Eisele. “With the help of viadat 9, we made the warehouse the heart of digitization within the company,” he stated.

IT and logistics expert PureLoX SOLUTIONS, a premium partner of viastore SOFTWARE, also presented a viadat 9 project at the press event. With a tailor-made solution for Post Systemlogistik in Austria, the company ensures efficient and reliable processes along the entire supply chain.

Further innovative software solutions for logistics efficiency and the smart factory will be presented by viastore and its partners at the Intralogistics Software Day, which viastore will be holding in Munich on January 23, 2019. The event is targeted at factory, logistics and IT managers and other decision-makers in industry and commerce.

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