Rejuvenation treatment for intralogistics

viastore modernizes shipping warehouse of skin care specialist BABOR


This is what the new BABOR headquarters will look like when completed at the end of 2018. As part of the company’s further development, viastore was entrusted with expanding the existing facility.

BABOR, a manufacturer of luxury skin care products, entrusted viastore with modernizing its shipping warehouse at its headquarters in Aachen. Based on an in-depth analysis, the Stuttgart intralogistics specialist implemented an entirely new control and operating concept and installed new, state-of-the-art pick-by-light displays in the warehouse‘s picking and packing zones. In addition, the viadat WMS ensures an efficient and transparent material flow. BABOR has significantly increased the availability and performance of its intralogistics with this viastore solution.

The name BABOR has stood for exclusive and professional skin care since 1956. The company sells its extensive portfolio through distributors in more than 70 countries. Its partners include cosmetic institutes and spas as well as selected retail locations. BABOR products are also available on cruise ships as well as at Dubai Airport. The manufacturer employs around 500 people worldwide, 400 of whom work at its headquarters in Aachen.

Set up by a third-party supplier more than ten years ago, the picking and shipping warehouse from where the beauty specialist sends its jars, tubes and ampoules to destinations around the world, was no longer state-of-the-art. Defects and downtimes were occurring more and more often and the procurement of spare parts had become increasingly difficult. This had a negative impact on warehouse availability and thus on the company‘s ability to deliver and the quality of their supply.

As a competent partner for the modernization of existing intralogistics systems, viastore was commissioned to thoroughly analyze the BABOR warehouse and implement suitable optimization measures. The specialists replaced all obsolete controllers and interfaces with state-of-the-art warehouse technology. This increases the performance and reliability of the system, and spare parts are quickly available as required. To enhance picking process reliability, viastore replaced the existing pick-by-light system with an extended, cutting-edge system. More than 1,000 displays now lead employees intuitively to the items they need. This saves time and helps avoid errors. As a further step, viastore implemented the viadat warehouse management system (WMS) to make the entire flow of goods as efficient and clear as possible. The software controls all processes in the shipping warehouse intelligently on an end-to-end basis.

„With this modernization, we have secured our ability to deliver for years to come. The viastore solution reduces downtime, simplifies operation and increases throughput rates,“ explains Rupert Freutsmiedl, Director Supply Chain Management at BABOR. The package also includes an integrated service concept with which the viastore experts can react to errors and defects within the shortest possible time. As part of the further development of the BABOR headquarters, viastore will also be expanding the existing facility so that the intralogistics system of the skin care specialist is optimally equipped for future tasks.

viastore has modernized the shipping warehouse at the BABOR headquarters in Aachen. With this solution, the skin care specialist has significantly increased the availability and performance of its intralogistics.