viastore SYSTEMS to modernize B. Braun logistics center in Spain

Pharmaceutical and medical supplies company gears up for the future


B. Braun logistics center in Spain
The highly automated B. Braun logistics center is used for the storage and order picking of complete pallets as well as cartons and individual items. Photo: viastore

The international pharmaceutical and medical supplies company B. Braun recently acquired an automated logistics center from a third party supplier and is relying on viastore Spain to modernize the facility. The aim is to adapt the new logistics system to B. Braun’s processes and safety requirements. Key to this will be a new warehouse management system (WMS) software, a new control system and improved workstation ergonomics.

B. Braun is investing in the expansion of its production capacities and in the automation of processes: For the delivery of its goods, the company acquired a modern warehouse in Santa Oliva near Barcelona, which will also cope with future production volumes. B. Braun expects the new logistics center to bring about further efficiency increases and cost savings.

The logistics center, which is designed for the storage and order picking of complete pallets as well as of cartons and individual items, already features a high degree of automation. The unit-load pallet warehouse, connected with a two-story conveyor system, the carton sorter, the shuttle systems and the storage lifts are now all controlled using the viadat warehouse management system software which is directly connected to the ERP.

In preparation for the project, viastore defined the WMS specifications in close cooperation with B. Braun to ensure that the software is precisely tuned to the needs of the medical supplies company. viadat is a standard WMS which is also designed to meet the special requirements of the pharmaceutical industry and is validated and certified according to GAMP and IFS. viastore will also upgrade the conveyor system controllers and adapt them to the high safety standards of B. Braun. In addition, the ergonomics of the order picking workstations will be improved and new systems such as labeling machines and driverless transport systems integrated. 


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