Privacy Statement

We, viastore SOFTWARE GmbH (hereinafter referred to as "viastore") are pleased to welcome you to our website and about your interest in our company, products and services. We take the protection of your personal data seriously and treat it with utmost confidentiality.

Your personal data is processed exclusively in compliance with the legal provisions under the European Union's data protection law, the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter referred to as "GDPR") in particular and supplementary to the German Data Protection Act.

The purpose of this privacy statement is to inform you of how your personal data is processed and about your rights as the data subject to the extent that you use our website. The terms used, such as "personal data" or "processing" are in accordance with the definitions provided in Art. 4 GDPR.

1. Controller and Data Protection Officer

The controller for data processing as understood under the data protection laws is viastore SYSTEMS GmbH, Magirusstrasse 13, 70469 Stuttgart, Germany. View our Legal page by clicking here.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions relating to data protection by sending an email to

Our data protection officer can be reached under:

Lawyer Dr. Oliver Meyer-van Raay – Data Protection Officer –

c/o V-Formation GmbH, email:

2. Subject matter and principles of data protection

Subject matter of data protection relates to personal data. This includes all information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (“data subject”). Among such information are, for example, details such as the name, postal address, e-mail address or phone number, but also information which is necessarily created during the use of our website, such as details about the beginning, ending and extent of use as well as the transmitted IP address.

We process personal data in compliance with relevant data protection provisions. This means that your data is only processed by us if consent or legal permission is given, for example if, in order to provide our contractual services (such as the processing of orders), data processing is necessary or legally required or by reason of our legitimate interests as understood under Art. 6 (1f) GDPR (for example, our interest in the analysis, optimization and secure operation of our online web pages).

We take organizational, contractual and technical security measures based on the state of technology to ensure compliance with data protection regulations and in order to protect the data that we process against accidental or deliberate manipulation, loss, destruction and/or access by unauthorized persons.

3. Data Processing When Visiting our web pages

Generally, use of our web pages does not require the visitor to register or to provide personal data. Even if you use our web pages for purely informational purposes, personal data may also be collected and processed automatically. Below is an overview of the type, scope, purposes and legal principles of the data processed on our web pages.

a. Staging of our web pages

When you access our website from your end device, the following data is automatically collected and processed by us in the server log files.

  •     Date and time the website was accessed;
  •     Type of end device;
  •     Operating system used;
  •     The functions that you use;
  •     Volume of sent data;
  •     Referrer URL;
  •     Domain name
  •     IP address
  •     Status code of the server for a request (e.g. 404 etc.)

We process this data on the basis of our legitimate interests as defined under Art. 6 (1f) GDPR, meaning in order to stage and display the web pages, to ensure and maintain technical operation, for the purpose of detecting and eliminating faults and for security reasons (such as to clarify misuse or cases of fraud). This data is automatically processed when our website is pulled up. Without the provision of this data, you would not be able to use our web pages. We do not use this data for the purpose of establishing your identity.

As a rule, the data collected is deleted after seven days, unless we need it longer for any of the purposes specified above in exceptional cases. In those cases, we delete the data without delay after the purpose has ceased to exist.

b. Cookies

We use "cookies" in order to offer you an extensive range of features on our web pages, to make use more user friendly and to be able to optimize our range of products and services. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your end device or on its hard drive assigned by the browser you are using and through which the certain information flows to the provider that uses them. Cookies cannot execute programs or transfer viruses onto your end device. In particular, their purpose is to generally make websites more user friendly and effective. We use cookies for a variety of purposes and functions. Here, we differentiate based on whether the cookie is really technically necessary, how long it is stored and used and whether it was set  by our website itself or by a third party.

Some cookies we use because they are absolutely necessary for our website and its functions to be able to work properly (necessary cookies). These cookies are stored automatically when our website is pulled up or a certain function is run, unless you have prevented cookies from being set by making the relevant adjustments in your browser. In contrast, cookies that are not absolutely necessary (e.g. in the area of statistics) are stored in order to improve the convenience and performance of our website, for example, or to store certain settings that you made. We also use these kinds of cookies to determine information on how often certain areas of our web pages are accessed, so that we can tune them more specifically to your needs in the future.

Most of the cookies are only needed for the duration of the current service in use or of your session and is then deleted again or loses its validity as soon as you have closed our website or your current session has expired. Only in individual cases are cookies stored for a longer period of time, for example in order to recognize you the next time to pull up our website in the future and in order to be able to open the stored settings. This allows you to be able to access our website more quickly and comfortably without having to make certain settings again. In this case, cookies are deleted automatically after expiration of a pre-defined period of time, which may vary depending on the type of cookie and its function when you visit the page or the domain that the cookie belongs to.

Third-party cookies are stored and used by other services or websites, for example by providers of web analysis tools. We will provide you with more information on web analysis tools and range measurement in the further course of this privacy statement. Third-party suppliers might also use cookies in order to display advertising or to integrate content into social networks (marketing cookies).

Accepting cookies is not mandatory when using our web pages. If you do not want cookies to be used, you have the option to refuse your consent or you can make the relevant settings in your browser to prevent cookies from being stored on your end device. Please keep in mind that this may limit the functional capability and the scope of functions on our web pages. You can delete stored cookies in the system settings of your browser at any time. An overview of the currently used cookies can be found here.

For more detailed information on the type, scope, purposes, legal principles and data processing opt-out options with respect to cookies, please review the following descriptions for each of the functions, which are based on the use of cookies.

c. Google Analytics 4

We use Google Analytics 4 on this website, a web analytics service provided by Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, 4 Barrow St, Dublin, D04 E5W5, Ireland ("Google"), which enables us to analyze how you use our website.

By default, Google Analytics 4 sets cookies whenever you visit the website. They are stored as small text blocks on your end device and are used to collect specific information. This information also includes your IP address, but Google truncates the last few digits of your IP address to prevent it from being directly linked to you.

The information collected is used by Google on our behalf to evaluate your use of the website, compile reports on website activity for us , and provide other services relating to website activity and Internet usage. The truncated IP address transmitted by your browser as part of Google Analytics 4 is not combined with any other Google data.

Demographic characteristics

Google Analytics 4 uses the special function "demographic characteristics" and can use it to generate statistics that provide insights on the age, gender and interests of visitors to the site. This is achieved by analyzing advertising and information from third-party providers. The data helps to identify target groups for marketing activities. However, the collected data cannot be assigned to a specific person and is deleted after it has been stored for a period of two months.

Google Signals

Google Signals may be used on this website as an extension to Google Analytics 4 to generate cross-device reports. If you have enabled personalized ads and linked your devices to your Google Account, subject to your consent to the use of Google Analytics 4 in accordance with Art. 6 (1) (a) GDPR, Google may analyze your usage behavior across devices by creating database models, including for cross-device conversions. We do not receive any personal data from Google, but only statistics. You can disable the "Personalized advertising" function in the settings of your Google account if you do not want cross-device analysis. To do so, following the instructions on this page: You can find more information on Google Signals by following this link:


The "UserIDs" function may be used on this website as an extension to Google Analytics 4. If you have provided your consent to the use of Google Analytics 4 in accordance with Art. 6 (1) (a) GDPR, have set up an account on this website, and sign in with this account on different devices, we can analyze your activities, including conversions, across devices.

Data associated with Google Analytics 4 is processed on the basis of your consent in accordance with Art. 6 (1) (a) GDPR. You may refuse or withdraw your consent in our cookie banner if you would prefer Google Analytics 4 not to store cookies on your device. In addition, you can also disable the relevant option in the system settings of your browser. You can delete stored cookies in the system settings of your browser at any time.

Any data collected in the context of using Google Analytics 4 is stored for a period of two months and subsequently deleted.

Recipients of the data and additional information: The collected information is transmitted to Google servers where it is processed further. We have entered into an order processing agreement with Google, which ensures the protection of the data of visitors to our website and prohibits unauthorized disclosure to third parties.

It is possible that data will be transmitted to Google LLC, with headquarters in the United States. In this context, the provider has signed up to the EU-US Data Privacy Framework, ensuring compliance with the European level of data protection on the basis of an adequacy decision by the European Commission. We have also agreed what are referred to as standard data protection clauses with Google, which are intended to ensure compliance with an appropriate level of data protection in the third country.

You can find more legal information on Google Analytics 4 under

d. Google Ads and Google Conversion Tracking

This website uses Google Ads. Google Ads is an online advertising program of Google Ireland Limited ("Google"), Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland, the purpose of which is to enable us to display advertisements in the Google search engine or on third-party websites whenever the user types certain search terms into Google.

We employ what is referred to as conversion tracking in our use of Google Ads. Clicking on an ad switched by Google set a cookie for conversion tracking. These cookies are no longer valid after 30 days and are not intended to personally identify users. Google Conversion Tracking makes it possible for Google and us to tell if the user has performed certain activities. For example, it allows us to analyze whether and how often a contact form has been completed, a document has been downloaded or is someone has registered for an event. 

Every Google Ads client receives a different cookie. These cookies cannot be tracked through Google Ads customers' websites. The information obtained with the conversion cookies are used to create conversion statistics. This allows us to learn about the total number of users that have clicked on our ad and which activity they have performed. However, we do not obtain any information that would allow us to personally identify the user.

The use of this tracking tool is done on the basis of your consent in accordance with Art. 6 (1) (a) GDPR. You can decline or revoke your consent via the cookie management section in our cookie banner. You will in that case not be included in the conversion tracking statistics.

If the data is transmitted to the United States, the provider has signed up to the EU-US Data Privacy Framework, ensuring compliance with the European level of data protection on the basis of an adequacy decision by the European Commission. Moreover, we have also concluded standard contractual clauses in accordance with Art. 46 GDPR with Google that serve as suitable guarantees for Google's advertising services ( You can find more information on Google Ads and Google Conversion Tracking in Google's privacy policy:

e. LinkedIn Insight Tag

This website uses the "LinkedIn Insight Tag" conversion tool from LinkedIn Corporation (LinkedIn Corporation, 2029 Stierlin Court, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA "LinkedIn"), which creates a cookie in your web browser and collects the following data: IP address, time stamp and page activities. LinkedIn does not share any personal data with us, but instead provides anonymized reports about the website target group and ad performance. The legal basis for the data processing is your consent in accordance with Art. 6 (1) (a) GDPR, which can be declared in the context of our cookie banner.

You can revoke your consent via the cookie management at any time. For more information on data protection at LinkedIn can be found in the LinkedIn Privacy Policy at: LinkedIn members have the capability to control how their personal data is used in the account settings.

If the data is transmitted to the United States, the provider has signed up to the EU-US Data Privacy Framework, ensuring compliance with the European level of data protection on the basis of an adequacy decision by the European Commission. Moreover, we have concluded standard contractual clauses with LinkedIn in accordance with Art. 46 GDPR that serve as suitable guarantees.

f. Hotjar

We use Hotjar, an analysis software from Hotjar Ltd., 3 Lyons Range, 20 Bisazza Street, Sliema SLM 1640, Malta ("Hotjar"), which enables us to better understand the needs of our users and to optimize our content. Using Hotjar's technology, we gain a clearer understanding of our users' experiences (e.g. how much time users spend on which pages, the links they click on, their likes and dislikes, etc.) which helps us to tailor our content to our users' feedback. Hotjar works with cookies and other technologies to collect information on the behavior of our users and their end devices, especially the      

  •       IP address of their device (is only collected and stored in anonymized form),
  •      Screen size,
  •      Device type (Unique Device Identifiers),
  •      Information about the browser used,
  •      The user's location (country only),
  •      To display the preferred language of our website.


Hotjar stores this information in a pseudonymized user profile. Neither Hotjar nor we use this information to identify individual users or to combine it with other data on the individual user. Instead, the purpose of using Hotjar is to analyze how our website is used so that we can continuously improve specific functions and content and enhance the user experience. The statistical analysis of user behavior improves our offer and makes it more interesting for you as a user. Data is processed on the basis of your consent in accordance with Art. 6 (1) (a) GDPR.  

If you prefer Hotjar not to store cookies on your end device, you may reject this or withdraw your consent in the cookie management section of our cookie banner.

For more information on how data is used by Hotjar, the settings on options for settings, revoking and objecting as well as on data privacy can be found on the following Hotjar website:

f. Social media plug-ins

We have integrated the following social media plug-ins on our web pages: Facebook, Google+ (only FR), Instagram, Twitter, Xing and LinkedIn. You can recognize the plug-ins' provider by the first few letters or by the logo of the corresponding icon or button. Here, we mainly make use of the so-called two-click solution, i.e. when you visit our web pages, initially no personal data is shared with the plug-in provider. Only by clicking on the highlighted icon, thus enabling it, does the plug-in provider receive the information that you have pulled up the relevant webpage on our website. At some places in the website, e.g. in the News segment, we also use Sharrif. Shariff is an open-source program that was developed by c’t and heise online. In contrast to usual Share buttons, it does not track a visitor at the start of a visit to the website. The Shariff button does not establish the direct contact between the social network and the visitor until the visitor actively clicks on the Share button. That way, Shariff prevents that you leave a digital trace on every visited website, thus improving data protection for you.

The content of the plug-in is then transferred by the relevant provider directly to your end device to be displayed. In return, personal data, particularly you IP address, is transferred by your end device to the plug-in provider. So when you activate the plug-in, your personal data is transferred to the plug-in provider and stored there (in the United States where this relates to US providers). However, in some cases the IP address is abbreviated by the providers before they are transferred. We have no influence on the data collected and the data processing methods, nor are we knowledgeable about the full scope of the data collection, the processing purposes, nor the storage deadlines. We also have no information on how the collected data is erased by the plug-in provider.

The plug-in provider stores the data it collected on you in the form of user profiles and uses the data for advertising purposes, for market research and/or for the needs-based design of its web pages. An analysis of this kind is done particularly in order to display needs-based advertising and to inform other users on the social network about your activities on our web pages. You have the right to opt out of having these user profiles created, however in order to exercise this right, you must contact the respective plug-in provider. We offer you the option with the plug-ins to interact with the social networks and other users, which allows us to improve our web pages and to improve their design to make them more interesting for you as the user. Accordingly, data is processed on the basis of our legitimate interests as defined in Art. 6 (1f) GDPR, i.e. our interests in the analysis, the optimization and improvement of our website, especially to make it possible and easier for you to use social networks to share specific content from our website.

Data sharing takes place irrespective of whether you have an account with the plug-in provider and are logged in there. When you are logged into the plug-in provider, your data is assigned directly to the account that you have with your plug-in provider. By pressing the activated icon and linking the page, for example, the plug-in provider stores this information in your user account as well and publicly notifies your contacts about this.

Viewing social media content with Flockler: we use a service from Flockler Oy, Rautatienkatu 21 B, 33100 Tampere, Finland ("Flockler") to integrate and display relevant social media feeds on our website. Initially, no data is transmitted to the social media providers unless you interact directly on the respective social media feeds. Insofar as you have provided your consent, we process your data on the legal basis of Art. 6 (1) (a) GDPR and otherwise on the basis of Art. 6 (1) (f) GDPR. Our legitimate interest consists in the economic operation of our website and the optimization of our entire online and social media content.

We use Flockler to compile content from relevant social media channels and display it in aggregated form on our website ("social media wall"). Initially, when you visit our website, this will only establish a connection to the Flockler servers. In addition, Flockler will gain knowledge of your IP address, because content could not be transmitted to your end device without it. This also applies if you are not logged into the relevant social media provider or if you do not have an account with the provider. Unless you actively interact with content on the social media wall, as a general rule your data will not be transmitted to the respective social media provider, nor will cookies be set on your end device by them. Flockler itself also states that it does not use cookies and does not carry out any tracking. Data is transmitted on the basis of our aforementioned legitimate interests, which regularly override Flockler's data minimization measures (in particular anonymous/aggregated storage only). Generally, information can only be transmitted from your device to the respective social media provider and cookies can only be set on your device if you actively interact with content on the social media wall, e.g. by clicking on an integrated social media feed, depending on your usage behavior. Alternatively, clicking on a social media feed will take you directly to the platform of the particular social media provider. Nevertheless, Flockler does note that it is theoretically possible for social media providers to track you as a user utilizing the images embedded in social media feeds, including across multiple websites and services. Moreover, Flockler itself only stores user data in anonymized/aggregated form and for a limited period of time for the purposes of detecting misuse and ensuring IT security. Based on information from Flockler, the stored data cannot be used to identify or trace individual users. They are otherwise regularly deleted after 21 days. You can find details in Flockler's privacy policy and data protection FAQ page: and

More information on the purpose and extent that data is collected and how it is processed by the plug-in provider can be found in the privacy statements of these providers issued in the following; in them, you will also receive additional information on your rights in this regard and the opt-out options available to you to protect your privacy.

    Facebook Inc., 1601 S California Ave, Palo Alto, California 94304, USA:

    Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountainview, California 94043, USA:

    Instagram Inc., Facebook Ireland Limited, 4 Grand Canal Square, Dublin 2, Ireland

    LinkedIn Corporation, 2029 Stierlin Court, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA


    Twitter, Inc., 1355 Market St, Suite 900, San Francisco, California 94103, USA:

    Xing AG, Gänsemarkt 43, 20354 Hamburg, DE:

    TikTok Technology Limited, 10 Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin, D02 T380, Irland:


g. Integration of YouTube Videos

We have integrated YouTube videos on our website which are hosted by YouTube, but which you can play directly on our website. YouTube is a Google product. The videos are all integrated in the "expanded data protection mode", i.e. according to YouTube, if you do not play the videos, no data about you as the user is transmitted to YouTube. According to YouTube, not until you play the videos is data transferred. We have no influence on this data transfer. If you do not want the information collected and transmitted to be assigned to your YouTube or Google profile, you must log out before you play the video. YouTube stores your data in the form of user profiles and uses the data for advertising purposes, market researches and/or for the needs-based design of its products. The legal basis for the integration of the YouTube service on our website is your consent in accordance with Art. 6 (1) (a) GDPR, which can be declared in the context of our cookie banner.

The information collected is stored on Google servers, some of which are also in the United States. In this case, the provider has signed up to the EU-US Data Privacy Framework, ensuring compliance with the European level of data protection on the basis of an adequacy decision by the European Commission. We have also agreed what are referred to as standard data protection clauses with YouTube, which are intended to ensure compliance with an appropriate level of data protection in the third country. You can find more information on data processing and about data protection by YouTube or Google at

h. Google Tag Manager

This website uses Google Tag Manager. Google Tag Manager is a solution that allows marketers to manage website tags from a single interface. The tool itself does not collect personal data, but instead only triggers other tags, which on their part may in some circumstances collect such data. Google Tag Manager does not access this data. If a user has disabled cookies, this will remain in place for all tracking tags implemented with Google Tag Manager.

4. Services, newsletters, contact forms, event registrations, etc. that do not require registration

In addition to the purely informational use of our website, we offer several services or functions that may be of interest to you. To use them, you will generally be required to provide additional personal data, which we use to render the relevant service or function as described below.

a. Contacting us

If you provide us with personal data via e-mail or using a contact form, this will always be on a voluntary basis. Your information is used by us to process your contact request and to process it pursuant to Art. 6 (1b) GDPR and may in this context also be shared with affiliated companies or third parties. The details may also in thus far be stored by us in our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. We erase the data you provided us with as soon as the collection purpose has been completely eliminated and no other legal principle applies (such as further processing of the data is or becomes necessary in order to fulfill a concluded contract). Insofar as legal storage obligations exist, we will not erase the data until the relevant deadlines have expired.

If users leave comments on our website or post any other information, their IP addresses are stored for seven days on the basis of our legitimate interests as defined under Art. 6 (1f) GDPR. We do this for our security in case someone leaves illegal content in the comments or posts (insults, prohibited political propaganda, etc.). In this case, we ourselves could be legally responsible for the comment or post, which is why the identity of the author is of interest to us.

b. viastore information distribution list, newsletter, customer magazine, event invitations, etc.

There is an option on our website to subscribe to the viastore information distributor. We send newsletters, e-mails, invitations to trade shows and events (hereinafter referred to as "information distributor") electronically and/or via postal mail with advertising information on our products, services, sales and about our company. In the notes below, we will clarify the methods used for subscribing, sending and statistical analysis as well as the rights that you have in connection with this.

By registering to be included on one or more information distributors, you declare your consent to the receipt of the requested information and the methods described. Inclusion in our information distributor is based on a "double opt-in method". This means, after subscribing, you receive an e-mail asking you to confirm your subscription. This confirmation is necessary so that no one else can subscribe using a false address. The requests to be added to the distributor are recorded in order to be able to demonstrate the consent process according to legal requirements. The registration process is recorded on the basis of our legitimate interests pursuant to Art. 6 (1f) GDPR in operating a user-friendly and secure information system.

You may revoke your consent to receiving our information at any time, particularly by unsubscribing from the respective information distributor, the newsletter, for example. You can find an unsubscribe link to exercise this right at the end of each newsletter. If you have only subscribed to our newsletter, we will erase your personal data in the event that you unsubscribe.

Statistical surveys and analyses - newsletters sent by e-mail include image files with "tracking pixels", which are pulled up by the mail server when the newsletter is opened. In the process of pulling them up, initially technical information, such as information about the browser and your system is collected, as well as your IP address and the time the newsletter is opened. This information is used to technically improve the service based on the technical data or the target group and their reading habits based on the locations where the newsletter is opened (which can be determined with the IP address) or the access times. Also included in the statistical surveys is the determination as to whether the newsletters are being opened, when they are opened and which links are being clicked. For technical reasons, this information may in fact be assigned to each of the newsletter recipients. However, our goal is not to watch each individual user. Instead, the purpose of these analyses is to recognize the reading habits of our users and to adjust our content accordingly or to send a variety of content based on the interests of our users.

The use of a mailing service, the implementation of the statistical surveys and analyses as well as the recording of the reading habits are all based on our legitimate interests pursuant to Art. 6 (1f) GDPR. Our interests are geared towards utilizing a user-friendly and secure user information system, which not only serves our business interests, but also meets the expectations of the users.

c. Registration in the my.viastore customer portal

Registration with setting up a user account is required in order to be able to use the my.viastore customer portal on our website. User profiles can only be created for viastore customers. In my.viastore, customers can review the processing status of their recent hotline calls as well as the relevant manufacturer information with important documents on setting up customers.

We create a user account for you on request. In the process, the following data is collected and stored in the user profile, after it was checked whether the user has a qualified viastore customer status:

  •     User name (e-mail)
  •     First name
  •     Last name
  •     E-mail
  •     Password (encrypted via a salted hash)
  •     Telephone number, if applicable

We process the data that you provide during registration on the basis of Art. 6 (1b) GDPR in order to create your profile, to be able to identify you during each log-in and to be able to provide you the services offered in the area of our website that require registration. We erase this data as soon as the collection purposes no longer apply, in particular at the time that you want to delete your user account with us.

d. Processing applicant data

On the career pages of our website, you have the opportunity to submit your applications for open positions, via e-mail, for example. We process the data that you send to us in connection with your application so that we can review your qualification for the advertised position (or any other positions within the viastore Group) and complete the application process. After you application has been received, your applicant data is viewed by the HR Department and the department supervisors in our company. Within our company, as a rule only those persons are granted access to your data who require such in order to complete the application process.

The legal basis for the processing of your personal data within the application process is Section 26 Federal  Data Protection Act (BDSG) in particular. According to this provision, data processing is permitted to the extent required in connection with a decision on establishing an employment relationship. Additional information, which you may have provided voluntarily, is stored on the basis of Art. 6 (1) (f) GDPR due to our legitimate interest in also processing the voluntarily provided additional information for the purposes of completing the application process. If, after an unsuccessful conclusion of the application process, you consent to allow us to continue to store your personal data in our applicant pool, the legal basis for the further processing associated with that is your consent pursuant to Art. 6 (1)(a) GDPR. You may withdraw your consent at any time with effect for the future without providing reasons.

Generally, if the application is turned down, the applicant's personal data is erased after a period of four months. If you have consented to allowing us to further process your personal data in our applicant pool, the data is erased once they are no longer needed for the purposes for which it was collected and processed, typically after a period of 1 year after it was added to the applicant pool. If, upon completion of the application process, you have been chosen for a position, your data is transferred to our personnel management system and processed there to the extent necessary for us to establish and implement the employment relationship.

5. viastore in Social Networks

Online social networks such as Facebook and YouTube offer us an excellent opportunity to communicate and network with our employees, customers and leads. This is why we have several online pages of our own there, in particular our own Facebook fan page. The purpose of our pages on social networks is to be able to actively communicate with our customers and leads. On them, we provide information about our products and services and about any ongoing special promotions. We would be delighted to connect with you on any of those networks, where you can get more information about the products and services we offer and we can get to know each other on a personal level.

When visiting our online pages on social networks, your data may be automatically collected and stored for market research and advertising purposes. Using pseudonyms, "user profiles" are created from this data. They may be used to switch promotional ads within and outside of the social networks, for example, which assumedly match your interests. Typically, cookies are used on your end device for this purpose. User behavior and the user's interests are stored in these cookies. This information is generally collected irrespective of whether you have an account on the social network or are logged into your existing account, if any, at the time of your visit. If your are logged in on the social network, a cookie is stored on your end device with your identification key; with it, the social network has the capability to track whether you visited our site and how you used it.

Where we bear the responsibility for data privacy for any data processing within social networks, we treat data on the basis of our legitimate interests pursuant to Art. 6 (1) (f) GDPR, i.e. our interest in optimizing and improving the information we provide online and our communication with customers and leads. If you are or were asked by the relevant platform operator to give your consent to processing your personal data, for example at the time you registered on the social network or when you marked a checkbox in connection with the use of certain offers, the legal basis for data processing is thus far Art. 6 (1) (a) GDPR.

We would like to expressly make you aware of the fact that according to their data protection guidelines, Facebook and co. also store the data of their users (such as your personal information, your IP address, etc.) outside of Germany and use this data for business purposes. We only have very limited influence on how the social networks collect data and the further use thereof. We neither have any way to distinguish nor influence the scope of the data stored nor where and for how long such data is stored, in how far the networks comply with existing erasure obligations, how it is analyzed and linked and with whom it is shared. This is why we ask that you carefully review which personal data you publish as a user on those sites. We recommend that you check your settings on the social networks you use to protect your privacy.

For more detailed information on how data is processed and used by the platform operators in their social networks and to find contact information, plus additional information about your rights and setting options available to protect your privacy, your opt-out options in particular, please refer to the privacy statement of the relevant platform operator.

You can find additional information on how data is processed by each of the social networks by following the links below:


    (Facebook data privacy notice:


    (Instagram data privacy notice: )


    (LinkedIn data privacy notice:


    (twitter data privacy notice:


    (Xing data privacy notice:


    (YouTube data privacy notice:


    (TikTok data privacy notice:


Special information about our Facebook fan page: portions of the information collected by Facebook is used to provide us as the operator of the Facebook fan page statistical information on how our Facebook page is being accessed ("Facebook Insights"). In thus far, data processing is conducted on the basis of an agreement between the joint controllers pursuant to Art. 26 GDPR, which you can view here:

6. Recipients of personal data

Within our company, only those persons have access to personal data who require them for the purposes specified in each case. We only share your personal data with external third parties if doing so is necessary to transact or process your requests, a different legal permission exists or we have your consent to do so.

In particular, third-party recipients may be affiliated companies or third-party service providers that we use for the provision of services as processors, for example in the areas relating to technical infrastructure and maintenance of our website. We use utmost care in selecting these processors and inspect them regularly. They may use the data solely for the purposes we have specified and according to our instructions.

Moreover, it is also possible that we have to transmit personal data to official agencies and government institutions for compelling reasons, such as to district attorneys, courts or financial authorities. The data will in thus far be transmitted based on Art. 6 (1c) GDPR.

Furthermore, we may share your personal data with third parties if we offer sales activities, sweepstakes, conclude contracts or similar services in coordination with partners or service providers (such as transport service providers). In such cases, data will be shared on the basis of consent given, in order to implement a contract with you or to protect our legitimate interests pursuant to Art. 6 (1a), (1b) and/or (1f) GDPR. You can receive more information in this regard by providing your personal data in connection with the specific processing operation.

7. Data processing in third countries

If data is transmitted to offices the headquarters of which or the location of the data processing is not within a Member State of the European Union nor in other contracting parties to the agreement on the European Economic Area, we shall ensure prior to sharing such data that outside of legally permitted exceptional cases there is either an appropriate data security level in place at the recipient's location (e.g. by way of a suitability resolution by the European Commission or by way of agreeing on "EU standard contractual clauses" of the European Union with the recipient) or that your consent has been given for the transmission of data.

8. Storage duration

For information on the storage duration of personal data, please review the corresponding description of relevant product or service. In addition, or unless defined otherwise in the relevant description of the product or service, the following applies generally: we store your personal data only for as long as required to meet the processing purposes or, in the event that consent is given, as long as you have not revoked your consent. In the event that you object, we will erase your personal data, unless further processing thereof is permitted in accordance with relevant legal provisions. We will also delete your personal data if we are required to do so for legal reasons. Insofar as legal storage obligations exist, we will not erase the data until the relevant deadlines have expired.

9. Rights of the data subject

As a data subject, you have a number of rights that you can exercise. In detail, they include:

Right to information: you have the right to obtain information on your personal data that we store.

Right to rectification and erasure: you may obtain from us that we rectify inaccurate data and erase your data.

Restriction of processing: you may obtain from us that we restrict the processing of your data.

Data portability: if you provided your data to us on the basis of a contract or consent, we may request from us to receive the personal data which concerns you in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and that we transmit those data to another controller.

Object to data processing with respect to the legal grounds "legitimate interest": you have the right to object, on grounds relating to your particular situation, at any time to processing of your personal data provided it is based on the legal grounds "legitimate interest". Should you make use of your right to object, we will discontinue processing your data, unless we can demonstrate compelling legitimate grounds for further processing that outweigh your rights.

Object to cookies: you may also object to the use of cookies at any time.

Withdrawal of consent: if you have given your consent to processing your data, you may withdraw your consent with immediate effect at any time. The withdrawal of consent will not affect the legality of prior data processing on the basis of your consent given before your withdrawal.

Right to appeal with the supervisory authority: you may also submit an appeal with the responsible supervisory authority if you feel that the processing of your data violates applicable law. To do so, you may address the data protection authority that is responsible for your place of residence or your country or to the data protection authority that is responsible for us.

You are only entitled to the rights described above provided that the applicable legal requirements have been met, and unless expressly mentioned otherwise in the description above.

If you have questions on how your personal data are processed, on your rights as a data subject, and on any consent given, you can contact us in this regard free of charge. To exercise all of your aforementioned rights, please contact or by postal mal to the address given above under Clause 1. When doing so, please make sure that we can clearly identify you as the data subject.

10. Links to and integrating third-party offers

a. Links

Web pages and services from other providers that are linked to our website are provided by the respective service provider. We have no influence on the design, content and function of these third-party services. We expressly distance ourselves from all content of any linked third-party products. Please keep in mind that the third-party products linked on our website may potentially install their own cookies on your end device or collect your personal data. We have no control over this. If this is the case, please obtain information from the provider of these linked third-party products directly.

b. Services and third-party content

On our online web pages, we utilize content or service products from third parties so as to be able to integrate videos, for example (hereinafter commonly referred to as "content") on the basis of our legitimate interests as defined in Art. 6 (1f) GDPR, i.e. our interests in the analysis, the optimization and economic operation of our online services. This always requires that the third-party provider of this content perceive the IP address of the user, because they would be unable to send the content to their browser without the IP address. Therefor, the IP address is required to display this content. We make every effort to only use such content from those providers who solely use the IP address to deliver the content.

Third-party providers may also utilize so-called pixel tags (invisible graphics, also referred to as "web beacons") for statistical or marketing purposes. The "pixel tags" allow information such as visitor traffic to be analyzed on the pages of this website. Furthermore, this pseudonym information may be stored in cookies of the users' devices and, among other things, may contain technical information about the browser and the operating system, referring web pages, time of visit and other information on how the online services were used, and may also be combined with such information from other sources.

11. Version

From time to time, it may be necessary to adjust the content to this privacy notice. We therefore reserve the right to change it at any time. We will publish the revised version of the privacy notice here. The privacy notice as amended at the time of your visit will apply.

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