Digitization and networking are decisive factors for the success of your company – Intralogistics as a pioneer

The intelligent networking of production and value-added processes – generally known as Industry 4.0 – has long been more than just a vision. The linkages of real and digital worlds are growing, and that will produce new fascinating opportunities to optimize the availability, profitability and performance of existing logistics systems, or to create completely new systems – an industrial revolution. Intralogistics is a pioneer in this development and one of its most important technical pacemakers. Would you like to increase the added value of your company using Industry 4.0? viastore can show you how. Guaranteed. 

Digitization and networking: feature and foundation of intralogistics

The foundation of Industry 4.0 is the linkage of digital and physical systems, in which software, machines, services and humans are interconnected. The data transfer and data exchange are performed in real time. This leads to greater flexibility and a higher performance of production and distribution. You will be quicker and better and will make a higher profit, for instance through:

  • Greater transparency
  • Reduction of the inventory to a minimum
  • Fewer errors
  • Increase of delivery quality and thus of customer satisfaction
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What exactly is Industry 4.0?

The goal of Industry 4.0 is to holistically organize and control all flows of information and goods as a value chain. All processes - from the initial idea and the order, to product development, manufacture and delivery to the end customer all the way through to recycling - are part of this value chain. Machinery, humans, software and services are interlinked in cyber-physical systems. Individual, isolated processes grow together, forming dynamic, cross-company, real-time and self-organized value networks. These can be optimized with regard to costs, availability or resource consumption.

Challenges for the industry

The advancing customization of the products with batch sizes as small as 1 is characteristic in the field of industrial production. Moreover, systems must be available around the clock, and spare parts are needed worldwide and promptly. And in addition to these increasing demands of the operators, there is a change in the organization of the companies. The trend towards the batch size 1, for instance, leads to complex workflows, and the production and logistics costs increase due to unrestricted availability. For all these challenges and others, Industry 4.0 is a promising approach. viastore can show you how.

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Examples from the real world: Intralogistics is the key to digitization and networking

In intralogistics, systems are controlled automatically and on the basis of data. This leads to reduced system dynamics at times of low demand, which involves less wear and less energy consumption. Moreover, the automated detection of frequently demanded product combinations reduces process times through route-optimized storage.

Moreover, the flexibility in production and distribution is increased through a holistic material flow management. For instance, parts for individual customer orders from different supply areas are consolidated shortly before order processing and delivered to the workstation just in time. This facilitates reduced warehousing and manufacture down to batch size 1. Furthermore, individual order consolidation and refinement just before shipment saves storage space and reduces the risk of loss of unsold finished products.

The fast, proactive troubleshooting and analysis using performance and master data facilitate maximum delivery reliability and can minimize impending system shutdowns, which leads to a further increase in supply quality and delivery reliability.

Innovative examples from viastore:

viastore has developed a software which allows the controls of networked material flow systems to be commissioned digitally, and was awarded a position in the "100 Places for Industry 4.0" competition. Continue to >> Press Release.

Significantly shorter times from order placement to shipment across Europe: viastore facility optimizes the flow of goods in logistics and assembly at GEMÜ.

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Digitization and networking
Digitization and networking
Examples from the real world
Examples from the real world