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viastore expands Cornelsen Verlagskontor's automated small parts warehouse

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Cornelsen delivery company CVK increases capacities

To ensure that books and calendars reach customers even faster, viastore is strengthening the warehouse logistics of Cornelsen Verlagkontor (CVK). The Stuttgart-based intralogistics expert is optimizing and expanding the facility of the renowned textbook delivery company. CVK sends out two million shipments a year, ranging from individual packages to entire pallets. With a shipping volume of more than 40 million copies per year, CVK is the leading service provider for book and goods logistics in all German-speaking countries and the largest calendar delivery company for retailers in Europe. CVK is expanding its capacities with the support of the intralogistics professional, viastore. Starting in 2022, Cornelsen will triple its capacity for customer orders in its automated small parts warehouse. By investing in IT and logistics, the company is setting itself up for their long-term future. The conversion measures take into account the increasing order volume and the higher demands on the logistics industry. This ensures that CVK is able to continue to ensure its quality standards at the highest level.

viastore will also renew the automated small parts warehouse. In a first step, the experts modernized the controls for the container conveyor system and replaced an existing automated storage and retrieval machine (AS/RS or SRM) with a new, more efficient one. The result is higher performance and reliability of the entire logistics system. In the second step, the capacity in the mini-load systems is almost tripled by adding an additional aisle. This not only provides many additional storage spaces, but also lateral "picking levels" on three floors, so that significantly more customer orders can be processed at the same time.

viastore AS/RS in the automated small parts warehouse from wholesale service provider CVK

With the modernization and expansion of its automated small parts warehouse, CVK is setting itself up for their long-term future.

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