Retrofit – Warehouse Optimization

Warehouse optimization is a useful undertaking if your control technology was installed a long time ago. In this case, servicing or maintenance are often no longer sufficient. The consequences of an obsolete system: Spare parts are no longer available, there are delays and the availability of the entire system decreases. To prevent this, viastore supports you in keeping your intralogistics system up to date at all times for optimized performance of your entire warehouse.

The first step in warehouse optimization consists of thorough planning based on a retrofit analysis. On this basis, we define your goals, pinpoint potential for optimization, and create a concept that is tailored to meet your specific needs. The modernization of your control system, drive technology and warehouse equipment can bring about sustainable improvements in your system. This increases the availability of your facility and significantly reduces maintenance and repair costs.

As part of the retrofit analysis, we examine all the hardware and software components that are in operation in your system. In addition, we review your documentation, check the interfaces of your systems - from WMS to process control - and measure your protocol traffic.

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