Warehouse Control

Warehouse control is the heart of a modern intralogistics system. As a rule, it is handled via a programmable logic controller (PLC). Keeping this component up-to-date at all times is of particular importance. Regardless of whether S5 or S7, when the PLC has passed its prime, the availability of a storage system will inevitably decrease. Processes are stalled or delayed, spare parts are no longer available. The consequences of obsolete controllers and mechanical equipment are unscheduled downtimes, delivery failures - and, most important, angry customers.

viastore SYSTEMS upgrades your control systems step by step. Usually, the new and old system work in parallel, with clearly defined fall-back strategies. A special advantage is that the conversion or modernization of the control technology can also be carried out during the weekend, factory holidays or during on-going operations - without affecting daily work processes.

Modernization of control systems and mechanical parts

Our seasoned project managers ensure the smooth and rapid execution of work. You will benefit from increased system reliability, excellent availability and optimized performance of your entire intralogistics.   

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