Frozen Storage Warehouses

Cold and frozen storage systems must meet particularly exacting requirements, including an uninterrupted cold chain, high storage density and energy efficiency, short throughput times and minimal error rates during order picking and delivery. And all this in extreme working conditions with temperatures as low as -40°C. Moreover, the goods kept in stock are often sensitive so they must be stored very carefully and with full traceability.

viastore is a specialist in automated cold and frozen storage systems. All processes are controlled via the warehouse management system and performed by automatic warehouse and conveyor system technology. This means you can continuously monitor your logistics processes and stock. These systems ensure compact storage, closed and efficient cooling in the building, and optimized material flow. Benefits include higher storage volumes, lower personnel and administration requirements, reduced stocks and shorter product storage times. This not only eases the burden on your employees, but also results in significantly reduced stocks and lower energy costs.

Frozen storage at Americold

Whether planning a new or upgrading an existing cold or frozen storage warehouse: viastore is a competent project partner and supports you from the planning and development stages to construction and commissioning, and further still with maintenance and servicing.

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