Mini-load Systems

An automated mini-load system (MLS) allows for quick, flexible and reliable storage of goods in containers and cartons. It enables short access times, optimum space utilization and high turnover rates to be achieved and provides optimum access to small parts.

As a specialist for innovative intralogistics systems, viastore plans and implements automated mini-load systems for storing small-volume units such as plastic containers or cartons. We provide dynamic and energy-efficient storage systems that are tailored to your specific requirements. A range of different load handling devices ensures the optimum handling of containers and cartons and thus high storage density and space efficiency. Our viadat warehouse software and our SAP logistics solutions (SAP EWM) can manage, monitor and control all processes, thereby significantly reducing error rates. Moreover, the viaspeed AS/RS helps achieve high throughput rates and secures maximum flexibility in your mini-load system. Everything is transparent and energy-saving, and routes are as short as possible.

Mini-load system WIKA

Whether single or multi-position storage systems, single, double or multiple-depth storage of small parts, whether using shuttles or automated storage/retrieval systems: We offer the right equipment/technology which is precisely tailored to the specific needs of your project.

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