AS/RS Systems

Automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) move goods and service the rack locations in unit-load systems. The rail-bound vehicles can work at great heights and ensure narrow aisles and the optimum utilization of space and areas - whether in pallet warehouses, automated mini-load systems (MLS) or tray warehouses.

As a manufacturer of automated storage and retrieval systems, viastore has manufactured and installed several thousand manual and automated storage and retrieval systems since 1970. They can be found in all types of storage systems, cover all size and speed classes, and can be used for single, double or multiple-depth storage.

Our viaspeed AR/RS is designed to facilitate high throughput rates and maximum flexibility in your mini-load system. It helps you save time and costs and secures significant competitive advantages. The high-performance viapal AS/RS can lift pallets and wire boxes weighing up to three tons. It can also be equipped to handle other goods and access types.

AS/RS system viaspeed

viastore's high-quality, low-maintenance AS/RS meet the highest standards in terms of accuracy, flexibility and speed. Their worth is further proven and seen in the form of low maintenance costs and very low energy consumption.

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