Order Picking Systems

Order picking systems enable goods to be consolidated quickly, flexibly and without errors for all orders so that they will reach your customers right on time at the required date of delivery. To achieve this, the systems need to be very powerful, efficient and, above all, intuitive and ergonomic to use. 

Manual Warehouse 4.0 with viarobot

viastore offers efficient picking solutions not only for fully automated warehouses, but can also supply a flexible, easy-to-use and scalable solution for manual warehouses. With viarobot you can automate your manual warehouse via plug-and-play functionality. Your existing rack system, which has been used until now according to the person-to-goods principle, remains unchanged, and viarobot takes over the storage, retrieval, and picking of containers and cartons of different sizes and materials. This allows you to react quickly and easily to fluctuations in demand. High stock reliability is ensured and the error rate during picking is reduced as well.

With viarobot you can automate your manual warehouse via plug-and-play functionality.
Order picking system at BORT
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High-performance picking stations

viastore offers high-performance picking stations that allow the highest possible pick rates for every item and order structure to be continuously achieved.

The fully automated viapick picking system is designed for slow- to average-moving products. The autonomous system replaces the order picker by grabbing into the storage bin at the picking station and sorting the products into the order container or shipping carton (pick and pack) according to specification.

The HPPS picking system represents the latest technology for highly efficient and paperless order picking. Packages and shipping units are calculated in advance; picked products are placed directly into the shipping unit. 

The innovative HPPS picking system ensures the automated staging and collection of goods, which the operator can consolidate reliably, flexibly and dynamically without any paperwork using pick-by-light or pick-by-voice procedures.

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