Shuttle Systems

The demands placed on shuttle systems are high: They have to ensure exceedingly fast goods transport and quick access times, and need to be extremely dynamic and flexible in terms of capacity and performance. The shuttle systems from viastore are suited for various applications typically associated with automated mini-load handling - and they are especially ideal for companies experiencing fast growth and who have a complex spectrum of products.

These agile vehicles offer the huge advantage of being easily scalable; more devices can be added at any time. Moreover, they offer a wide range of opportunities. Whether used for highly dynamic workstation supply, as buffer storage or for the synchronized provision of goods in production and assembly: viastore shuttle systems are efficient helpers. They can be used in a variety of industrial sectors and ideally complement automated storage and retrieval systems or storage carousels

As an intralogistics specialist, viastore offers you suitable solutions that can be individually adjusted to your specific needs: the high-performance viaflex² shuttle system and the flexible space-saving viaflex³.

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