Storage Carousels

Vertical storage carousels, also referred to as "paternosters" or "shuttle systems", are space-saving automated storage systems in which goods and articles of all kinds are stored on trays. Compared to conventional storage in racks, these storage carousels offer a number of advantages, including full utilization of the room height due to the "goods-to-person" principle, increased safety for warehouse staff and easier warehouse management thanks to suitable warehouse management software and appropriate warehouse management systems.

In the context of our tasks as a leading system integrator, upon request we integrate storage carousels from our partner Hänel Storage Systems into your overall concept. Thus, you will benefit from compact and ergonomic storage with minimal space requirements. Using our viadat warehouse management system or our SAP EWM add-ons (SOAP interface), we also undertake the integration of existing carousels, paternosters or shuttle systems into your IT structure - regardless of which manufacturer provided them. 

Storage carousel

viastore integrates storage carousels into the viadat warehouse management system and into SAP LES (WM) and SAP EWM. Hänel’s wide range of office and storage systems as well as further information can be found at

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