viastore tugger train for production supply at Knorr Bremse, Manufacturing Supply

Which is the right logistics automation solution for my industry?

The right logistics processes are crucial

Whether manufacturing, retail or 3PL, food & beverage, or chemical & pharmaceutical: each industry has it's own requirements and tasks. In industrial production, flexibility and short downtimes are required. In wholesale and retail, continuous delivery capability and speed are essential. In the food and beverage industry, as well as in chemical and pharmaceutical (health care), hygiene, maintaining the cold chain and the management of batches, series and best before dates play important roles. viatore is best preparred to support you - our intralogistics solutions are not only tailored to your industry but also to your individual needs. This means that you – and thus your customers – benefit from short delivery times, low costs, and a flexible and efficient supply chain.

Tailor-made solutions for your needs

The demands of modern intralogistics are increasing all the time – you need the greatest possible transparency and flexibility, efficient production supply, same-day delivery and an omni-channel approach. At the same time, each brand of industry has different challenges to master and each company has its own special needs. With intralogistics solutions that are tailored to your industry and needs, we help you meet these challenges – whether you are a medium-sized or large company. We have been implementing manual, semi-automated and fully automated intralogistics solutions for more than 50 years – creating the basis for your growth and profitability.

Multi-aisle pallet warehouse, interior view of viastore high-bay warehouse at VARTA in Ellwangen
Order picking with viadat warehouse management software from viastore at Hummel
Depalletizer in the automated distribution center of viastore customer Phoenix Contact
viastore warehouse modernization at Metabo, Industrial production, Reference, removal of storage and retrieval machine
viastore warehouse system with viadat at Eisele, Retail
Order picking with viastore's WMS viadat at the picking station at Ingram Micro, Retail
viastore warehouse system with viadat at HDE
viastore warehouse system with viadat at Bort, Pharmaceuticals
Picking station with WMS viadat from viastore at Eisele, Retail
Warehouse systems with SAP EWM at Mennekes, Manufacturing Industry
Warehouse systems with SAP EWM at Mennekes, Manufacturing Industry
Warehouse systems with SAP EWM at Kaeser, Manufacturing Industry
viastore storage and retrieval machine in the Keimfarben storage, Chemical Industry
Order picking in viastore's pallet storage with WMS viadat at Elmer, Retail
Pallet storage from viastore with WMS viadat at Elmer, Retail
Pallet storage from viastore with WMS viadat at Elmer, Retail

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