Lisa Kusche is Logistics Consultant at viastore

More productivity through smart material flow planning

Optimized material flows for existing and new logistics and production facilities

  • Increased profitability
  • Increased flexibility
  • Stable, smart processes
  • Reduced error rates
  • Optimal use of space in production and warehouse
  • Reduction of material and inventory levels
  • Increasing transparency
  • Shortened throughput and delivery times
  • Lower process costs
  • Lower capital commitment

The internal material flow is crucial for the efficiency of your processes and thus for the profitability of your company. This makes it all the more important that you plan and design your material movements smartly: How must goods and workpieces be transported so that they arrive in the right quantity at the right place at the right time?

Material flow planning is the basis for effective and transparent processes. Our experts support you in optimizing your material flow from goods receipt, through storage, to production and assembly, right through to shipping, effectively coordinating transport, storage and logistics processes. With proven standard packages for various scenarios, we plan in a technology- and manufacturer-neutral manner and can react flexibly to possible change requests at any time. True to the motto "as standardized as possible - as individual as necessary". Because your profitability is our top priority.

With our depth of experience in the implementation of systems, you also benefit from shorter duration of the entire project, since we can examine and consider many questions regarding the implementation as early as the planning phase.

Intelligent material flows in three steps

Material Flow Planning (MFP) is the starting point for all viastore integrated solutions. viastore’s proven Phased approach for MFP is as follows:

  • Phase I - Benchmark & Objective
    Material Flow Planning begins with a detailed analysis of the As-Is condition (Benchmark) and a thorough understanding of the business goals and expectations (Objective). The Benchmark, basis for comparison against all future solutions, is critical in understanding the benefit of the various features of each solution’s ability to achieve the Objective for the business. The Benchmark comparison will include numbers, service levels, reliability, redundancy, data, processes, rates, etc… as determined to validate each solution.
  • Phase II – Planning and Concept
    Development Planning and concept development is a collaborative and iterative process for creating intelligent designs and defining future processes. Using the data analysis to find the areas ripe for automation and/or process change and then to collaboratively determine the degree of automation to develop a scenario that is perfectly tailored to the Objective. The tailored solution (Preferred Concept) will be evaluated against operational capabilities, constructability, supportability, sustainability, and investment.
  • Phase III – Implementation and Detailed Engineering
    The Preferred Concept will be vetted through detailed engineering. Through this process, the project will begin to come to life. The detailed design of the work places will be drawn, animated, simulated, and virtualized through augmented reality as necessary to fully impart the functionality and appearance of the solution while providing a common understanding and expectation of the final installation and operation. Implementation planning will provide the information necessary for developing schedules and a finite path forward to install, commission, start-up, Go-Live and support. Partners and suppliers with value add technologies will be added to the team and a contract price will be developed.

The three phased approach above make it possible to walk into a design before it is even built. Simulation and virtual reality allow testing of human interfaces and processes as well as the ergonomics so that you can try the milk before you buy the cow.. Talk to us an we’ll walk you through the process.


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