Automatisches Palettenlager mit Regalbediengerät viapal bei der Firma Wiska

Stacker Cranes

Maximize performance in the warehouse

viapal, viaspeed, viaspeed XL - storage and retrieval systems from viastore

The storage and retrieval cranes exclusively from viastore are the perfect solution for your warehousing needs. No matter whether you only need the stacker crane itself, an associated control system via PC or PLC - or a complete logistics system with transfer stations and conveyor technology, viastore can help. You define your needs, we deliver the solution. This includes reliable service, starting with planning, designing, and installation continuing into a lifetime partnership. Our service offers round-the-clock monitoring and support plus continuous maintenance and modernization of your storage and retrieval systems.

viastore solutions offers you maximum flexibility in the technical design of stacker cranes. With numerous adaptable options for load handling devices, you can precisely and effectively manage any type of goods. The ASRS cranes can pick up loads that are stored single or multiple deep in the rack, with several load handling devices, as a single-mast or double-mast solution.

viapal - strong and resilient for automatic pallet storage

Automatisches Palettenlager mit Regalbediengerät viapal bei der Firma Erdrich

viapal is a high-bay stacker crane that can handle aload weighing up to 6,600 lbs. It can be equipped to handle a wide variety of goods- regardless of the height of your warehouse or the storage position of your goods. Using viapal, you always have easy access combined with high performance. The dynamic travel drive with vibration-optimized travel curve enables travel speeds of up to 787 ft/min.

The high-quality, durability components of this pallet crane ensure low maintenance costs. The viapal can be used in multiple areas ranging from sorting, production and assembly buffers,  manufacturing,shipping/receiving, spare parts and flow storage etc.. In every application, you benefit from the modular design: It makes the storage and retrieval system inexpensive to purchase and has a short lead time to commissioning.

  • Ideal for Tall Buildings
  • High Payloads
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Energy Balancing
  • Energy Recovery
  • Automatic Stand-by Mode
  • Low Costs
  • High Flexibility
  • Load capacity: up to 6,600 lbs.
  • Temperature rated: down to -40 °F/C
  • Height: up to 147 ft.
  • Min. aisle width: 41 inches
  • Travel speed: up to 787 ft./min
  • Horizontal acceleration: up to 3.2 ft/s²
  • Lifting/lowering: up to 262 ft/min.
  • Vertical acceleration: up to 4.9 ft/s²
  • TeleFork single deep/double deep for pallets and conveyable boxes
  • Trough conveyor for round loads, e.g. fabric bales or paper rolls
  • ChannelCar Pallet
  • Load handling device for coils, rolls, cable rings
  • Multiple and special load handling devices possible

viaspeed - high-performance storage and retrieval system for miniloads

Regalbediengerät viaspeed bei Phoenix Contact in Herrenberg

This solution provides high throughput, high density, and high energy efficiency which keep costs low in your automated small parts warehouse (AS/RS) and increases flexibility. This high-performance storage and retrieval system operates with high acceleration and travel speeds as well as load handling devices tailored to meet customized requirements. viaspeed provides the necessary flexibility and performance in your miniload warehouse with high dynamic values, energy-efficient drive and control technology as well as minimum approach dimensions.

Lightweight design, optional energy compensation or energy recovery, and standby mode offer you sustainable savings options. Faster and more economical with viaspeed: The precise distance measuring system ensures exact position determination. The SRM data can be transmitted via WLAN or data light barrier.

  • High dynamic values
  • Lowest start-up dimensions
  • High energy efficiency
  • Energy compensation
  • Energy recovery
  • Automatic stand-by mode
  • Low costs
  • High flexibility
  • Load capacity: 2 x 110 lbs.
  • Height: up to 45 ft.
  • Min. aisle width: 33 inches
  • Travel speed: up to 19 ft./s
  • Lifting/lowering: up to 9 ft./s
  • BoxGripper
  • BoxCollector performance single deep
  • BoxCollector performance double deep
  • BoxCollector performance 2-/4 deep
  • BoxCollector universal

viaspeed XL - for taller heights and heavier loads in the miniload

viastore AS/RS in the automated small parts warehouse from wholesale service provider CVK

viaspeed XL has the same great features as the viaspeed. However, thanks to its design and construction, it is particularly suitable for tall miniloads (up to 65 ft.) and can move heavier loads of up to 660 lbs. with ease. It accelerates at 6 ft/s² and reaches travel speeds of up to 16 ft/s. viaspeed XL can be used in a temperature range from -40 °F to +113 °F.

  • Large overall heights
  • High payloads
  • High energy efficiency
  • Energy balancing
  • Energy recovery
  • Automatic stand-by mode
  • Low costs
  • High flexibility
  • Load capacity: up to 660 lbs.
  • Height: up to 65 ft.
  • Min. aisle width: 29 inches
  • Travel speed: up to 16 ft/s
  • Horizontal acceleration: up to 6 ft/s²
  • Lifting/lowering: up to 6ft/s
  • Vertical acceleration: up to 6 ft/s²
  • Working range from -40 °F to +113 °F
  • TeleTable single deep/double deep
  • BoxCollector performance single
  • Deep/double deep
  • BoxGripper
  • ShelfMover
  • Multiple and special load handling devices possible
  • BoxCollector universal

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