viastore releases cold storage whitepaper

Whitepaper discusses the value of automating a frozen storage warehouse


viastore SYSTEMS, a leading material handling automation systems and software company, has authored a whitepaper on cold storage automation, ‘Intelligent systems to keep the cold constant, the quality high and energy use low’.

Ever since Clarence Birdseye’s first line of frozen foods first hit grocery stores in 1930, frozen foods have been providing American consumers with convenient, affordable and ever increasing healthy food and meal options.

The technical procedures in a frozen storage warehouse must be designed to ensure an uninterrupted process chain and that goods are kept at the right temperature at all times, while keeping power consumption as low as possible. A strong partnership between the material handling automation supplier and with specialists in refrigerating technology, architecture and construction is key. The system supplier works to determine the basic modules necessary to meet your specific requirements. The decisive factor is that the right goods are transported to the right person, in the right amount, right when they need them. Basic modules include the process design and workflow management, the building structure, temperature zones and the passages between them, the individual dimensioning of refrigeration technology and methods, conveyor systems and AS/RS design, the order picking concept as well as the right software that maps all processes, ensuring a high level of transparency and traceability of goods storage including the management of batches, best-before dates and serial numbers. It is crucial to achieve the highest possible utilization rate in a space as small as possible, to keep the number of passageways down to a minimum and to design processes so that the frequency and duration of door openings are diminished. All of these save energy.

The whitepaper can be downloaded here.

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